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World Top 5 Interactive Whiteboards

Hitachi FX-TRIO 88W


Panasonic UB-T880W

Qomo QWB200

PolyVision TS 620

  Hitachi FX-TRIO 88W MimioTeach Panasonic UB-T880W Qomo QWB200 PolyVision TS 620
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Lowest Internet Price $1,999.00 $1,899.00 Live Demo $1,049.00 $975.00 Live Demo $2,895.00 $1,895.00 Live Demo $1,745.00 $1,395.00 Live Demo $1,650.00 $1,295.00 Live Demo
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Digitizing Technology Infrared Ultrasonic / Infrared Touch Sensitive - Capacitive Infrared Touch Sensitive - Resistive
Surface Anti glare Depends on the Whiteboard being used Nylor Anti glare Anti glare
No. of Panels 1 0 1 1 1
Input Method Stylus Pen, Electronic Pen, Finger touch Stylus Pen Stylus Pen, Electronic Pen, Finger touch Stylus Pen, Finger touch, Wand Stylus Pen, Finger touch
Simultaneous People 3 1 3 1 1
Diagonal Length 88 inch Depends on the Whiteboard being used 86 inch 78 inch 77.8 inch
Gestures Yes No Yes Yes yes
Wireless Yes (Optional) Yes Yes (Optional) Yes (Optional) Yes (Optional)
Connectivity USB Cable free USB USB USB
Speakers No No Yes 2 - 2W No Built in 1 Watt amplifier and speaker
Mounting Floor, Wall Attaches magnetically to a dry erase board Floor, Wall Floor, Wall Floor, Wall
Warranty 5 Years 2 Years 90 Days 2 years 2 Years
Manufacturer Hitachi Mimio Panasonic Qomo Polyvision
  Live Demo Live Demo Live Demo Live Demo Live Demo

What is an Interactive Whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboard in the simplest term is a large interactive display that interfaces with a computer and a projector. A multimedia projector allows the user to display anything on their computer for an audience and controls the computer from the interactive whiteboard using a pen, finger, stylus or any other device. This phenomenal tool provides exceptional support to the teachers and can also serve as a perfect presentation tool for board meetings. The effective use of interactive whiteboard technology can radically transform the interaction between teachers and students and that is why it is rapidly becoming a common classroom resource for schools nowadays. There are many teachers who are technophobic and cannot use new technologies comfortably but interactive whiteboards are user friendly and allow even a novice user to run applications like CD-ROM's, spreadsheets, presentations, word processing documents and internet.

There are three types of whiteboard technologies with variations upon them. The Infra-red/Ultrasound kits, Passive Whiteboards and Active Whiteboards. The Infra-red kits are fixed with any standard whiteboard through clips and can also be used without a projector for simple save/print functionality. Though these kits are less expensive but not as robust like a dedicated whiteboard. Passive whiteboards come with a dual membrane board and is touch sensitive. They have the capability of sensing the pressure on the whiteboard from any object from a finger to a marker. However, it is advisable not to use standard whiteboard marker in order to avoid permanent marks on the screen.
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Difference between Interactive Whiteboards and Copyboards

Copy board allows you to copy dry erase marker notes, so as you write on the board it is just like writing on any other dry erase board. The only difference is that you can push a button on the copy board which allows you to save it to a thumb drive or an SD card, but you have also the option of printing using the attached printer or even a network printer. So copy boards mainly can be used in the application where you need to capture meeting notes. Now if you want to make presentations, whether it be with power point, using the internet or any other software applications on your computer. That’s where an interactive whiteboard come into play.
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Difference between Interactive Whiteboards and Copyboards?
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